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SunDAO is on a mission to make the solar industry more accessible, transparent and efficient.

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With over two decades of solar industry experience, we’ve created intuitive, user-friendly technology that enhances, amplifies and cryptographically secures industry data.

But we’re not stopping with making data analytics and insight platforms more accurate, secure and efficient with capital allocation or operational decisions...

Metaverse Solar

The education-tech platform for Solar

Metaverse Solar – an education-tech platform providing alternative ways to educate and incentivize the next generation of solar industry professionals or enthusiasts, creating the opportunity for solar companies to meet their hiring needs.

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Solar-data-trained AI chatbot

SunnyX is a user-friendly solar-data-trained AI chatbot that supports troubleshooting in the field helping solar professionals resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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Sunblade Wallet

A Web3 wallet designed for solar

Globally solar energy is experiencing record breaking growth – creating employment opportunities and diversifying power – ready to participate? Start by downloading our SunBlade Wallet.

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Our team

We have diverse experience, expertise and extensive relationships across domains of enterprise solar, IT, Distributed Ledger Technology and AI.

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Meet our utility token - HSUN

Our native HSUN utility token incentivizes sharing and securing of high-quality, high-quantity solar data to optimize physical and financial asset performance